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Feb 27, 2010
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I have my second ever wine kit brewing in the Primary. The first time I made a kit it was foaming within the first couple days.

The new kit I have is on day 5 now and has no sign of foam. The first was a white zinfadel and this one is a Pinot Gris. Do white wines not foam or something?

The two kits were different brands. The first told me to wet the yeast fir 15 minutes and then stir it in to the primary. The second (which doesn't foam) just said to sprinkle the yeast on top of the primary and not to stir it in.

be patient. foaming is not an indication of anything. the 3 wines I've done (2 kits, and one forum recipe)...none of them foamed. If I looked at the side of the carboy I could see the bubbles rising, but ther was no foamy top on the wine during primary or secondary.

a hydrometer test will tell you if its really fermenting or not.
you are right. I tested the S and it is 1.02. Almost ready for the Carboy! Thanks, I was just expecting foam because my last one foamed a lot.