Help needed for bizarre problem! Soap in wine?

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Feb 18, 2014
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So we fermented a bucket of white juice late fall. After fermentation it had a really bad off-putting chemical taste and smell, and still does. I had no idea what could have gone wrong, until I gave a winemaking pro a taste, and he said it tasted like soap. He recommended I try fining with bentonite just to see what would happen. I did so last week, and sure enough when I was racking, soap bubbles seemed to form.

I searched my memory all week to figure out how soap could have contaminated my bucket -- and then it hit me: To keep temps down, I put the bucket (lid loosely on) in the left-tub of my basement utility sink and filled it with water and ice. The right-tub of the sink has the washing machine outflow with lint trap. I believe that someone must have run the washing machine, the lint trap was clogged, and so soapy water was squirted out and into the juice bucket. I've seen a clogged lint-trap squirt water out and onto my floor before, so it makes sense.

So...does someone know if laundry detergent can somehow be filtered out? Or does this carboy go down the drain?
I would give it the same process as normal wine making and see how it turns out - you already made the investment - no financial harm done from this point forward -