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Jan 4, 2008
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I am an extreme newbie. I hope I am not in the wrong place. I just bought a little home wine making kit. I think I understand the basic process but what I don't get is "how" the siphon works? I mean there is no pump so what gives? It's just a little "bent" hook type siphon, a hose and a bottle filler.

Also, with the primary fermenter, why do some people say to cover with towel, but my primary fermenter has a lid with an "escape" whole that fits an econolock ?

Again, Hello to all


Here is a pic of my kit if it helps.
I like you am just beginning. The siphon works like this. Put your clear hose on the bent end of the siphon. Put the black tip into whatever you are trying to siphon, and the free end of your hose into the receiving container. Pull the bent part of the siphon wiith attached hose out about 2/3 of the way, then push it back into the siphon tube, do it one more time and your liquid should be flow from the old container into the new one...
The pump you're looking for is under your nose;) ...just put what needs to be siphoned on a higher plain and use your mouth to get the siphon working to a lower level vessel.

The lid will work fine if you stir it daily...the idea is to keep out undesirables (fruit flies) but at the same time allow the must to breath, hence the towel.
Hi there,

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