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Frank V
Oct 3, 2009
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We are a micro winery in Bradenton FL. We started the company as a retail winemaking store with vint on site capability. We quickly learned there is a fine line between people making wine on your premise and how much input the shop is allowed before it is considered the shop is making the wine. If the shop manufactures the wine you are required to have a ATF(TTB) Basic Permit and a bonded wine permit. Florida also requires a "Winemaking License"

The permitting was pretty straight forward and we now produce fruit flavored grape wines and varietals for sale in our shop. We are also able to blend wines for our vint on site customers which really enhances the final product.
We also private label for Retail customers through our distributor, and we label for special events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.

At lakewood we make our wines from bulk concentrates and frozen must. Our weather and the prominence of Pierce’s disease ( and others) does not allow us to grow Vitis Vinifera grapes.

You are welcome to visit us at www.winemakingpantry.com

Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Good write up, is this the same person posting here all the time or are there multiple persons posting. If single would love to put a name to the User!