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Apr 18, 2021
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Ontario, Canada
Like I put in my profile, my wife and I have been making wine and beer since 2008. We love to do "different" things than the commercial places - most of our wines have no grapes. Some use raisins for body, but not as a primary ingredient/flavor. We have our recipes on our blog, I don't want to appear spammy so I won't link it here but it's in my profile if you're interested.
We've been updating the website lately, so I have a bunch of small batches brewing currently so I can update the photos. I'm a pro photographer, I have a lot of fun with beer and wine shots. I'm also an engineer, so I love the technical side of wine and beer making, but I don't get too bogged down in perfection - I firmly believe that within reasonable ranges, as long as you keep things sanitized properly you're going to make good booze. I don't worry about slight variations in pH and stuff like that, since I'm not aiming to keep my batches 100% consistent. I actually enjoy tasting the slight variations from batch to batch.
Anyway, I'm new to this forum, looking to help out where I can, learn a few things, and connect with others.