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May 29, 2008
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My name is Chris and I actually live in a suburb of Tacoma called Lakewood. It is about 40 miles south of Seattle or three hours on the freeway.

I have been interested in making wine for many years and suddenly about two months ago the inspiration was fermented by an unexpected influx of cash so I talked my wife into visiting a local distributor of paraphernalia and the next thing I knew I was in the wine making business.

It must have been comical to see us spending three hours cutting up 30#'s of Granny Smiths. I probably should have taken them out of the soup before two weeks 'cuz there was about three inches of sediment in the bucket when I racked into the carboy.

After a week I just had to taste it. Wow! The sweet aroma of alcohol and apples filled the air. Just one tiny sip and you could taste the Granny Smiths. And dry... ! I had to drink a gallon of water to rehydrate. I still had the taste in my mouth an hour later.

My wife wanted Raspberry for our second batch. It is now in the carboy and still showing bubbly little signs of life. I finally found something more exciting than scuba diving. And I don't have to get wet.