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Oct 9, 2018
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British Columbia or Washington State
This is year three for my planting of 20 Pinot Noir Precoce vines growing on the shore of beautiful Boundary Bay on the Pacific. I believe they are from a German Pinot clone called Furstburgunder (sp ?) that is early ripening.

Much to learn, but we picked and took off about 100 lbs of slightly underripe grapes this year. It seems the heavy smoke we had from forest fires in August slowed ripening and then early September brought cool wet weather at just the wrong time. Had to pick earlier than I would have wanted as mold and rot was starting. Right on the climate and available sunshine bubble for these grapes most years I’m guessing. My canopy management was not the best and I probably undersprayed, and overcropped ... but since the vines are still pretty young I look on this as an experimental and learning year. So excited to have fruit that at least looks right.

Will ask questions elsewhere but have found lurking the forums a huge help while processing and fermenting my first harvest. Low brix (17), high TA (0.9), and green seeds showing underripe fruit set up a challenge to try and make 6 gallons or so of drinkable wine.

Many kind and knowledgeable folks around here! Thanks for the advice I have gleaned.