Grapevine identification service in Britain?

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Feb 24, 2017
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I managed to get some cuttings of vines from UK vineyards. I temporarily (3 years ago!) planted them and made a plan of what row was what. I lost that plan and boy am I sorry I did.
Wanting to move vines over to their final planting site, I now have to become a world expert on vines. I had a go at least. Downloaded some images from google of the vine varieties I know I have, and took several leaves from each plant. It's harder than i thought since the leaves vary within each plant themselves. I'm sure the bible "A Practical Ampelography: Grapevine Identification" by Pierre Gale would be very useful,but it's one of those out of print uber expensive books that I'll only use once or twice, and since I'm a hobbyist I can't justify the expense.

Anyway, getting to the point are there any resources or people who can identify grapes in the UK?

I had heard of something like this, but the guy I spoke to has now gone away, and I can't contact him.

Would be a handy resource.


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