Grape wholesaler in Indiana?

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Sep 20, 2017
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Trying to make some wine from grapes and I can't find anybody who's selling grapes in Indiana. Can somebody help identify a wholesaler here? California grapes preferable but I can't be pickey.
Not sure where you are in Indiana or how many pounds you are looking for.

Near Bloomington, Oliver often sells grapes. Bulter and Mallow Run are already harvesting some varieties. Check with Huber. They also may be able to point you somewhere else down there to get some.

North of Indianapolis there are fewer vineyards. I'm not going to have extra grapes this year to sell. You could check with Daniel's Vineyard, Dulcius vineyard and Satek winery.

If you don't mind driving some, you may be able to pick up some cab franc in Michigan. Norton in Missouri and many varieties in southern Illinois.
Where are you located at?

I'm in NWIndiana and have a good supplier that's local to me AppleWood farms. They sell california juice and wine grapes as well as a selection of italian juice. There are tons of vineyards that sell grapes, they want you to buy in bulk and have cheaper prices than applewoods as they tend to cater to the hobbyist such as myself.

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