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  1. B

    Mixed grape wine?

    Never made grape wine before, though I have made berry wine and cider. This'll be my first. I've gathered a bunch of grapes that my neighbor let me pick from their vine, about a half and half mix of white and red grapes, about 20lb in total I think. As I figured out in an earlier thread I think...
  2. montanarick

    North Carolina Grape Growing

    Looking to relocate to North Carolina. Anyone growing grapes in North Carolina? If so where are you and what varietal(s) are you growing?
  3. B

    Brandy from syrups

    Hi, I'm new to wine making. Just thinking: Since grape syrup (grape mollases / petimezi / pekmez / reduced grape must) has a concentrated grape flavor, and concentrated natural sugars, does it make a good choice to distill a brandy? I got the idea from rum, which is made from sugarcane molasses...
  4. distancerunner

    Trash night

  5. tradowsk

    Pinot Noir help

    I'm venturing into grape-land with some pinot noir grapes from a local winery. Looking to do a few gallons only this year to see how it turns out before taking a bigger plunge. I have a few questions: 1) Typically, I go for bigger reds (cab sauv, merlot, zin, etc) because I often find the...
  6. Q

    Source for skins/grape packs and what about raisins

    Hi. I am new to winemaking. I have long wanted to get into the hobby, and the recent lockdown was enough for me to finally take the plunge. I have my first kit started, an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, and now it is in the carboy clearing. That means I have an open primary fermenter. I want to...
  7. DonnyDarko19

    Purchasing Spring Grapes - Denver, CO

    Hi all, I live in Denver, CO and am trying to find a source for grapes (from Chile, Argentina, etc.) to be shipped here this Spring. So far, I've contacted M&M to see what pricing would be. However, due to the smaller quantities I'm interested in ordering, they only offer 6 gallon buckets of...
  8. JCBurg

    What’s your favorite grape/fruit to ferment?

    So what is everyone’s favorite wine making fruit (or other)? AND where can a fella find some good grapes to make wine this time of year outside of kits?
  9. Pachicito

    Looking for Similar Grape in the US

    Hi All, Is anyone familiar with the Quebranta grape that grows in Peru? I am looking for a similar grape here in the US. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. N

    Whole grapes vs. pressed grapes for primary with blackberries?

    We let our 20, 3 year old vines produce just 1 bunch of grapes per arm this year....just to see what the grapes taste like. I harvested enough to maybe make a 1 gallon batch and froze them. Can I add them whole to my primary along with enough blackberries (have 40 pounds of those) to make a...
  11. P

    Skins and seeds to juice ratio after grapes are crushed

    I'm looking to make about 1 gallon of wine with 15lbs of grapes, after the grapes have been crushed, how much juice would there be compared to the skins and seeds (stems removed), particularly what size container would I need for primary fermentation?
  12. B

    Grape wholesaler in Indiana?

    Trying to make some wine from grapes and I can't find anybody who's selling grapes in Indiana. Can somebody help identify a wholesaler here? California grapes preferable but I can't be pickey.
  13. Zintrigue

    Soon to be new grower from NorCal

    Good evening, folks. I know you're a knowledgeable lot, so I thought I'd pick your brains for the information I'm having a hard time finding solid answers to on Google. First of all, I don't have the space for a vineyard, I only want two plants to supplement ("tweek") my kits. I'm in the...