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Dec 16, 2008
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My uncle called....he dig up 5 boxes of bananas, and wanted to share. We got three (40 pound) boxes. We peeled and mashed 54 pounds. Mixed 5 pounds per gallon.... I'm down to 4 bottles of last years batch. I'm hoping this years batch of 50 bottles will last the year?
Well thats ONLY 1 bottle per week. What else do you have?...
Ha Ha Tom that's great! I just started a blueberry wine today and going out tomorrow to get some juice or fruit for something else. Maybe banana. It sounds good!
Gee, this IS where SIZE does make a difference... LOL. I would guess if you get a pound then I would say 25% is skin
I'd say the yield was in the 60% range....
Right now I have about 90 gallons in secondary...just abour everything that I could get free fruit....
Monkey Crazy?

I just started my first batch of Monkey wine, I used 24 # in my 5 gallon batch, stewed and pressed and used a filter bag... 7 days later it is now in the secondary and yeast going great SG 1.025 and dropping. Color white as milk, how long did it take yours to clear.
If I remember, over 50 male brain here...it cleared slower than let's say apple, although it clears extremely well. This is from November 08. Buttery with the essence of banana as it tickles the back of you tongue. I like bananas...and really like the banana wine. Unfortunately the 08 batch was small...only 10 bottles.


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