glass or stainless for fermenter?

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Aug 3, 2009
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I am just looking into equipment considering buying my first kit. Somehow it just seems wrong to try to make a fine wine using a plastic bucket. I am curious why this seems to be the most popular primary fermenter? Why not a glass carboy or a stainless steel primary fermenter? I appreciate the info.
It is so easy to use and keep clean. The food grade plastic doesn't impart any off flavors and can be sterilized if you wanted. The carboy is a pain to get the fruit into it and then cleaning it is another pain. Any of your suggested items will work but stainless is cost prohibited for most folks.
Dont buy a cheap kit as you will end up pitching half the junk because it doesn't work very well. The $90 ones I have seen have most everything to make wine but you will still end up buying other equipment because the addiction sets in lol.
1st Welcome to a fine forum.
Most here will do a primary in a bucket. Reasons like the above msg's. It is also that you cant ferment a 6 gallon kit wine in a 6 gallon carboy. Some (most) can be violent and need extra head space. Once primary is almost done is when you can transfer to a glass carboy.
Unless you plan on making 100 + liters of the same wine on a regular basis then you might consider stainless. Most here use glass except those here who have vineyards.
I use a 46 litre plastic primary fermenter and both glass and plastic (Better Bottle) 23 litre carboys. I only use the BBs for short term storage.

I know of at least one person who uses a 54 litre glass demi john as a primary for 23 litre batches. I suspect that it might be difficult to clean the demi-john after a primary ferment but have never tried it.