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Jan 13, 2010
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My brother has a pretty large winery in northern California that I occasionally help him with, and we were both wondering about acquiring additional/specialized crop insurance (we're thinking about an agency called Live Asset Insurance). Given the amount of risk, I think it is reasonable to have someone protect our vines along with their products. Still, I wonder if such a decision might be excessive. But then again, we do have a fairly large piece of land here.

Experienced winemakers who may or may not have extra!

was with my insurance agent last week on this type of thing.....its a simple cost/risk thing...if it makes economic sense do it....esp if the vines are bringing in a profit

last week we did the basic stuff, fire/replacement/injury...on the winery building and they just sent me the cost for the *extras* such as lost income insurance..i have not done the crop insurance thing yet...i was waiting to see what vines are worth keeping...what varieties should be replaced

by all comes down to the way you want to sleep at night and live during the day...know what i mean? :)
Thanks for the feedback!

Lol, Fulchino, you da man!

I'm of a more cautious nature myself and am tempted to go through with a fairly extensive crop insurance policy (a significant number of the vines are worth protecting and, fortunately, my income can handle the premiums without hardship). I hope to persuade my brother to take a similar approach in the near future.

You take care now, sir. And good luck with your future endeavors! :>
if you do go thru w it..please let us all know what rates, coverages etc you encounter...the more information we all have here the more we all can share w others and benefit...thanks for raising the issue...and let us know how yoru brother sleeps when he doesnt have the insurance and how he sleeps with it hahahaha :)

i can see a vineyard owner wrapping his policy in plastic and sleeping w it under his pillow each night :)
Welcome WineBro. Im very glad we can all help one another on stuff like this.

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