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Papa b

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Nov 16, 2009
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I bottled (about 10 days ago) a KR classic trilogy, the color, temp and SG reading were on track before i bottled, clean and sanitized everything, before I bottled i went ahead and tasted the wine it was pretty good IMO, I went yesterday i opened one bottle , couldn't wait and to my surprise the taste wasn't the same, the best way to describe it ( if i can put that into words) is "little acidity / bit sour /strong smell" :s
doesn't taste like vinegar but I don't know, there is such a thing as using to much K meta solution to sanitize, bottles, hydro, spoon ? I swear I think I can taste K meta ( Not that I drink K meta for lunch oops LOL )
or the wine is just to young ? :slp
Thank You
Papa B
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Probably tasting what folks call "bottle shock" .... most say to wait at least 30 days after bottling before cracking into a bottle ... this will give the wine time to settle down.

By the by, sometime watch the movie "Bottle Shock" about the early days of Napa Valley ... and how bottle shock almost caused a vintner to throw away his entire vintage because it tasted like crap after he bottled it.

Give it some time. 10 days isn't enough
I can almost guaranty what you are referring to is bottle shock. When bottling a wine you really shouldnt open a bottle for around 2-3 weeks as the forcing of 02 while corking bruises your wine and it needs to recover from that\. Some wines will be affected more then others from this or any other harsh procedure to your wine like using an impeller type pump. The more abrasive a procedure to your wine the longer it will take to recover. If you send someone a bottle of wine or receive a bottle through the mail you should let it settle for at least a week to let the wine recover so you or they can get a true taste of the wine.
Fingers on the keyboard, awaiting another chance to beat Wade to the punch .... Ha!

But seriously, everyone, rent the movie "Bottle Shock" ... it's really about the shock the wine world felt when the new California wines kick the French wine butt in a blind taste test. It's a true story.

But one of the subplots, is about a new winery owner almost tossing his award winning vintage because he was unaware the off tastes were from bottle shock.

Neat show.
Well, thank you guys my wine may be ok after all
I was pretty upset last night thinking what did I do?
Thanks guys I appreciated :D
CBW is that an old movie, and can You rent it pretty easy, I mean any Video store may have it?
The movie bottle shock is a couple of years old. I would say any reasonably stocked video store should have a copy.

If not, it's worth buying it on Amazon or somewhere.

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