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May 27, 2024
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United Kingdom
After making a list of all my wanna-buys, I started researching floor corkers when up pops an ebay listing which was 15 minutes away and had no bids. Minimum bid £15 ($18) so I thought, why not. I won the bid at £15 and off I went thinking if it’s no good I could use as a bottle holder or decoration or something.

It works, brilliantly. A little light rust in the jaw floor area and the jaws were dirty so I took it to pieces cleaned off the rust painted the important bits with Hammerite and all I have to do is to wait until it dries (about two weeks or so) and I have a fully functioning floor corker for £15 and a little elbow grease.

Celebrated by opening a bottle. Now what can I get with the money I saved 😊
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Congratulations! That's a great deal!

Floor corkers make bottling tremendously easier.

A few years ago my son & I did an impromptu bottling at his apartment. We used his double-lever corker. This was unplanned, as I normally bring my Italian corker with me for bottling at his place.

The session went fine. But we agreed that we'd not do it again, any time soon. The floor corker makes things so much easier.
Agreed, I put about 10 corks through the corker to make sure it worked as it should before I spent the time and effort cleaning it all up.

It will not be ready for another few weeks but I have put it in my little greenhouse which gets to over 50°C (122°f) in the direct sun during the day (with the door open) so hopefully it will cure a little quicker although I don’t really have the qty ready for about a month anyway, so no problem.

Actually, for me it’s all about enjoying the process. If bottling is a serious chore, then something is wrong. Using my experience of optimising production lines to simplify and ease operator processes, I will make what many perceive as a chore and turn it into a relaxing afternoon.

As I already have my eye on a liquid filler nozzle, I’m now looking for a £15 vacuum pump :h

The search is becoming as much fun as the process
I would run a few used corks through in order to wear off any silicone on the surfaces that contact the cork.
I would run a few used corks through in order to wear off any silicone on the surfaces that contact the cork.

I received the "Food Lubricant Plus" today but I'm a little confused. It looks like this

food lubricant.jpg

But I already have a food lubricant and it looks like this

OK, all back together now. I was supposed to wait for two weeks for the paint to dry but it's been 50°C in the greenhouse for over a week now, so its good.

I found the plunger was slightly off centre so I selected my specialist tool hammer.jpg and straightened it up. Small indentation right in the centre of the cork which will I am sure will dissapear in time. I had to place a small white 10mm pad on the bottle holder as the bottle was about 3mm too short (it's a half bottle 375ml) and it was rattling about. Nice and tight now.

Lubricated with silicone and excess cleaned off with a cloth and a few corks that are not fit for purpose, works a treat.

corker finished.jpg

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