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Nov 25, 2009
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I have two gallon jugs of apple that have been racked 3 times, they are a beautiful golden color but Crystal clear. last week I degauss them (with my vacuum pump) got lots of bubble out and then sweetened then with sugar water. They taste great :h I also added 1 candum per jug. Now it has been a week and I degaussed then again and still got lots of bubbles. My question is should I degauss them weekly till I get no more bubbles or just go ahead and bottle them ? It tasted so good that I am not sure if I can let the bottles sit for a year before we drink it.:slp

Depending on WHAT you are using to degas you can suck out the flavor. A member if my wine clud over did it and was left with no flavor.
How old is this?
More info..racking 3X means nothing as I rack every 2-3 months..
TASTE it if you taste nothing (spritz) then it may be OK.
If your apple wine was finished fermenting, and then you added sugar water to it to sweeten it up a little, you'll likely start the fermentation again unless you treated it with potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulfite. If you didn't treat it with these TWO additives, I certainly wouldn't bottle it or you could end up with bottle bombs.
This wine was started around Christmas, so I racked about every 30 days. I added 1 Campden tablet to each gallon, wont that stop any restart of fermentation ?
NO, you need Sorbate . What was the starting gravity.. what is it now? What was it when you added the campton? Do you have a hydrometer?
OK, Started wine 1 Dec.
I kind of messed up ( it was my first try at wine) I only wrote down my SG after I had added sugar....SG 1070, but added sugar water 3 more times over the next 30 days when the SG would drop to around 1010 or so, if i figured right my alcohol should be around 12%. The SG was at 1000 last week when I sweetened it, didnt take another reading because i figured it was done working. I keep the wine at a temp of 50. I guess i could take a reading and wait a week and see if it changes. Can I still add soybate after I sweeten?:slp
You may have a mess. Temp is VERY important and @ 50 its super low. This can be why you had a problem fermenting. Still not sure why you added more sugar. You may have to rack this up to a failed 1st batch. Best to ck here or read up on winemaking before you start another batch. Adding sorbate may not do much at this point.
I added more sugar to get the alcohol level up, while it was fermenting it was in a temp controlled box kept at about 75 deg. It was moved to the cellar after it was done working.
I'm yet to degas a batch,racking takes care of degassing,when the wine clears ,the airlock stops burping and the water levels in both sides(S-Shape),I back sweeten if needed, add potmeta and let it seat for a month or so before bottling,I've been making wine for over ten years, don't use Sorbate and haven't had no problems with re-fermentations .I strive to keep the chemicals to a minimum and the wine as natural as possible. Making wine at home is all about cleanliness and patience.

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