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  • Sorry for my late reply. I have been busy.

    I would not just mix them up. I would personally make first some measurements. If the acidity is low and the SG is low why on earth would you add water ??? Remember the steaming procedure already dilutes the juices.....

    And consider fermenting them both apart and later when the wines have finished make a blend.

    I am not totally convinced that the rhubarb-strawberry mix would be a success. Both are pretty fragrent juices and might compete to much.

    Do a blend before fermenting and taste what seems the best combination. Like 1/3 straw - 2/3 rhubarb 50-50 and 2/3 straw and 1/3 rhubarb. Start from there.

    But not just add water, taste if the juices have fragrent enough and do the measurements, start from there.

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