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Help, I can't figure out how the bottle filler works (It says it's a Ferrari). It has one tube that screws on to it and the small column that goes into the bottle. We can't figure out how you get the wine from the carboy to flow into the bottle filler.
I really don't know how you would bottle directly from a carboy. Hopefully, you have a primary fermentation bucket equipped with a spigot. If so, rack your wine into the bucket and connect your bottle filler to the spigot using a length of tubing.
I have never used that brand. If no one pops in here to give you some tips, call 1-866-417-1114 and ask for George. He will step you through it even if you didn't buy it from him. He knows the products he sells inside and out.

Smurfe :)
If smurfe's link is the one you have, good luck with it. I got one of those because I was tired of my regular bottling wand. After playing with it a bunch, I kinda got it to work, but it was slower and leaked/dribbled more than my wand, so I just went back to that.

I do agree with Egham, in that I hope you're using a bottling bucket with a spigot. Gravity works a lot better than surface tension.
Figured it out

Stupid me - we didn't realize that you had to attach the siphon hose to the bottle filler - it works really easy now.
I use THIS ONE. It works OK and you can siphon right out of the carboy with it but I normally rack back to the bottling bucket for some reason. I used to filter to the bottling bucket and then immediately bottle. I now filter to a carboy and let them age for at least 6 months. They did have a problem with this brand that has been corrected. I never did send mine in for replacement. It stops the siphon at times or will not shut off automatically. That issue has been corrected on them and they work very good.

Smurfe :)
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