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Nov 19, 2008
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Hi everyone,

I just started out on this hobby and have 3 batches just finishing primary fermentation. Two of them use Lalvin EC-1118 yeast (Kenridge Classic Barolo 5g and Heron Bay Shiraz 5g) and the other uses Red Star Premier Cuvee (Selection International Spanish Rioja 5g).

So, my question is this: The two kits using the Lalvin EC-1118 exhibit little smell during the fermentation, whereas the Selection kit with the Red Star yeast has a slightly funny odour to it. I studied chemistry when I was younger, and know what hydrogen sulfide smells like, and I'm not convinced it is that - although it is unpleasant. All three kits are fermenting at 65F and the SG is lowering on all of them, so I am sure it is not a stuck ferment causing the odd smell.

Does anyone have any ideas? Should I be concerned about the Selection kit and try and 'save' it or is it just a different yeast causing a different odour?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I don't have any experience with that Selection kit or the yeast; however, I would be increasing the temperature of all three kits. I think 65F is too low for a kit. Even though it is the bottom end of the range specified in the instructions. I wonder if the low temp is "stressing" the yeast.


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