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Jul 18, 2009
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Hello fellow winemaking enthusiasts.

I have a batch of feijoa wine (this will be my second, first was very yummy) which I wizzed up with a stick blender and filtered into secondary to get maximum flavour from the pulp.

Although I've already racked it once, there are still some specks of pulp circulating around my 23L demijohn and I will be very displeased if these are still there when I go to bottle.

I am about to rack again then stabiilze and de-gas and I had a question. Once fermentation has finished, will circulating solids definitely sink to the bottom as it clears (without the movement of the liquid and the CO2 bubbling through it)? Or should I get a bit careful with this next racking and wrap my syphon tube in muslin or something to try and prevent any solids making it through?

Thank you!

Yes it should settle. Once degassed and after you add clearing agents they should drop. Do not be in a hurry to bottle. It may take 6 months aging.
Thanks Tom. I tend not to use clearing agents and have usually only left for 1 month before bottling, but can be patient if necessary. :)

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