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Mar 3, 2021
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Gander, NL, Canada
Hi all,

I'm starting the kit above and it's my first time using Pectin enzyme in my primary. I know a few of you do this and/or use it with tannin (ft rouge or opti-red) and I wanted to give it a try.
My purpose is to get as much out of the skins as possible and see if there's a noticeable difference in the finished wine.

My question: This kit also came with a pectinase pack with instructions to add in secondary to help clearing after removing the skins. I wasn't planning to add this pack and I want to make sure this is ok?

I know Bryan (Winemaker81) always says to understand why you are doing something, or are not doing something. So here's my thought

I used pectin per instructions for my 6g kit in primary after adding skins and oak, no extra tannin or bentonite used. At 1.020 I will move from primary into a speidel for a 4 week EM with skins. I plan to bulk age at least 9months with oak cubes and will not use any fining agents, just k-meta.

Since clearing shouldn't be an issue, do you see any other reason for me to add this pack ?

Thanks in advance for your time
I vaguely remember reading somewhere that RJS includes that pectinase pack to deal with a pectin haze after the primary fermentation. It's really fuzzy and I did a quick google search and didn't find anything backing that up, so it might be a wine induced memory.

I am also of the opinion that wine kit manufacturers don't include items in the kit that aren't needed (at least sometimes) and they should probably be added per their directions. I would tend to follow the directions, assuming the kit manufacturer knows what is needed and when. But, it's your kit, your wine. I have made several of the En Primeur Amarone style kits, mostly followed directions, except I aged longer and added some extra oak, after tasting and deciding it would be a good thing for my taste buds. I think if if were me, I might add some extra pectin at the beginning, and then add the included packet at the time they suggested.
I agree with Craig. The consensus on the forum is that pectic enzyme doesn't hurt the wine, so adding the included packet, post-fermentation, won't cause harm and may be beneficial.

The descriptions of Opti-Red and FT Rouge don't indicate that they help with extraction (they provide other benefits), so adding pectic enzyme should help with extraction. It sounds like a good plan to me.
Thanks so much for the replies Craig and Bryan, always appreciated !

I'll go ahead and add the extra pectin pack post fermentation.

May I add, If using Opti Red and FT Rouge, I would suggest also adding Llalzyme EX-V to the regiment
Absolutely, and I believe it was one of your previous post that gave me the idea, since it's something you do =)

Unfortunately, its really hard to get those products here in Eastern Canada or even shipped here. But I will definitely add the Llalzyme if I can get my hands on Opti Red or FT Rouge.