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Oct 1, 2009
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I have 3 quarts of Elderberry extract that I made from 12.5 pounds of berries.I boiled with 3 cups water,no sugar.I poured into Mason jars,put on lids,but did not water bath boil after.Now 5 days later they are going off,fermentation has begun.I transferred to a pot and put it in the fridge.I plan to make wine with this.What should I do,your thoughts Por -Favor........Upper
Mix about a halve gallon of apple juice and a 6oz can of orange juice concentrate with it and shoot for about a 3 to 5 gallon batch.

You can freeze it till a later date.
Thanks for the reply TB1.Here is what I did,brought extract to boil added water and 12 pound of sugar to make a 4 gallon batch.It is cooling now.Later when it cools I will add a sch.of Lalvin K1-V1116.I also held back about a half a cup of my strainings from the transferring of my first batch to the secondary.I will also add this when cool.I went and bought a hydrometer today and when I got home it was an alchol measurer,Dang.So again with my second batch I am just wingin it.Any comments for this NEWBE would be accepted.Thanks .Upper
Ok. First a hydrometer is used for Calculating alcohol through a mathematical calculation of sugar drop. So if its a long glass thing with a weighted bulb on one end. Put it in and tell me what reading you get? 1.090 to 1.100 would be an ideal range.

I usually Drop in one crushed campden tablet in per gal

This is per Five gal batch so you will need 4/5th of these I didnt feel like doing the math.
4 tbls of acid blend
2 tbls yest nutrient

I weight a day and add
peptic enzymes
and pitch the yeast
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This hydrometer says for distilled spirits only.Not for wine or beer.It has a Tr reading and a Pr reading..Upper
Bummer about the hydrometer mix up! I had the opposite happen to you on that matter.
Thanks Wade.I just pitched the yeast after the lemon and orange juice that is in J Kellers Rec.No Campden tablet yet.This is my toasted seed batch:D...Upper
Sounds like you got a good start. Keep us posted on how its going.
Sorry about the hydrometer thing. Like Wade said Bummer.

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