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Jun 12, 2007
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Hello all, I am making my 1st wine (merlot). I have been reading that egg whites can soften the mouthfeel. At this point I dont know how the wine is going to turn out, but smells and tastes good to this point but I know what I am after as far as the mouth feel goes. I am thinking about trying the egg whites in one of my 1 gallon jugs to see what it does, before proceeding with the rest. Is there a specific ratio (egg white to gallon?) and after the first addition, does it hurt to repeat the application, and at what stage in the aging do you add the egg whites. Thanks for the help,, Steve A
I've not heard of using egg whites for affecting mouth feel. I've used them with a touch of salt as a finning agent and that was one egg white to a 5gal batch.
I was planning to write about egg-whites in one of my upcoming web-logs but the question beats me to it.

Egg-whites are used for clearing red wines for centuries.
The clear the wine but also remove some tannins.
Therefore the wine will be softer and earlier drinkable.
This is also the reason why egg-white is not used in white wines.

But egg-white also contains lysozime.
It will therfore stop a malo-lactic fermentation (I experienced this myself in a wine).

So therefore do not use egg-white until fermentation is completely
stopped or if you do not want to start malo..


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