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Nov 2, 2009
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Hi all. I made a kit of orchard breezen strawberry it is in the secondary and clearing very nice. I fallowed the instructions. How do i know i degassed enough. I would hate to bottle and blow corks, Thank you

First, I don't think that a poorly degassed wine will blow corks. What blows corks is when fermentation continues in the bottle, and the generated CO2 builds up pressure.

Second, if you are concerned about CO2 in your wine, taste a bit. If you can taste/feel the CO2, you need to keep degassing. Another way is the 'poof' test. Draw a sample into a small bottle. Cover with your thumb and shake. If it goes poof (like a bottle of beer), then keep degassing.

C02 in your wine will tingle on your tongue and give a little off taste. like cp said, it will not blow corks off, that is fermentation in the bottle that will do that and thats usually from not adding sulfite and sorbate or by adding those when a fermentation is still in progess as those 2 chems will not stop a fermentation, only stop 1 from re starting.
It will blow corks if you bottle real cold and someone leave the bottle sitting on counter in sun. Taste test is going to get my vote too
Im not so sure on that, there would have to be a lot of C02 in your wine still to the point of blatancy! I know the gases will expand kind of like a soda pop left in the sun but those are carbed beverages way beyond what would be just from fermentation. I guess its possible though but I dont think it would happen to someone who did do some degassing, just not enough. Anyone have this happen to a bottle that was degassed some?
Yea I had one go at 90 degres.So I put 90 poof on the labels.Hellow is this thing on? Upper
I saw somewhere to pop a brew belt on the wine before degassing and bottling. I'm probably going to do that.
Yes, if you warm your wine up to about 24*C ( 75*F), it will degass a whole lot easier.
It is a necessity unless you dont want your wine to clear, want it to have a funny taste, and tingle on your tongue. Its not in recipes cause its a given in most cases unless you are making wine from grapes with a press cay-use that in itself pretty much degases a wine. Most recipes on the net are old and dont list stuff like this. Time can degas a wine sometimes buts its better to get it out sooner so that your wine will clear better and sooner. If C02 is left in your wine too long it can create off flavors.
Tried out my Gomco vacuum suction device thingy machine for the first time last nice. Degassed sooooooooo easily over a three hour period.

BTW...great gag Upper.
Cool, Whats better is racking up hill when you have to without lifting or filling a v=bottle while corking another!
I see that! Thanks. your post wasn't active when I submitted mine.
Cool, Whats better is racking up hill when you have to without lifting or filling a v=bottle while corking another!

I actually haven't tried the racking with it yet, I don't have the necessary tubing yet. But the electric vacuum is so much better than the stirring or MityVac.
thanks for the reply . when should i degass and how often and when do i know that i have degassed enough

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