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Nov 2, 2009
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I was just wondering how ya'll degass your gallon batch's?The small end of my paddle is to big to fit in the jug.I know about the fizz x and the mixter and the whip.Don't have any of those.
Ok... this is a longshot...
If you have any of those white plastic clothes hangers, cut off the hook and heat the bent part to straighten the plastic out into a rod. Spray it with sulfite solution and then you can use it to stir your wine and hopefully degas it.
I am not sure if these hangers use food grade plastic, but it is just an idea and you seem to be reaching out.
Good luck...
I would go get an untreated wooden dowel or use the handle of a long wooden spoon.
I would go get an untreated wooden dowel or use the handle of a long wooden spoon.

That might work... it was my first thought... however, the wood is bad about harboring microbes and this is why few, if any, homebrew supply houses sell the wooden stirrers. I would be more prone to look at something non-porous before I used any wood in my wine must.
Do you have a small vacuum pump? There is a hand operated one for working on cars that I use it's called a mity-vac. The adapters that come with it will allow you attach it on the bung for your carboy.
If it were mine (for a gallon) I'd put a cap on it and then pick the jug up and shake the heck out of it. Remove the cap allowing gas to escape and repeat until there's no more gas.
I actually just ground a little off my Mix Stir drill mounted stirrer and it fit right in.
I've only made three one gallon batches. But I just picked them up covered the hole and shook, frequently. Didn't do it often enough on the first one, worked well on the second, and the third needs to be bottled.

I make gallon batches and I just shake to degass, hope this helps.:r
all i make is gallon batchs and i just lift ,caover hole and shake release gas and repeat till its flat, works every time for me
My degasser is pretty simple and works well. I took a 3/8" dowel ~30" long and starting 1" from the end I drilled holes just large enough to force weed trimmer line through. Repeat this every few inches until you have the length of agitation you desire. Chuck the dowel in cordless drill and go at it. Mine is made for 5 gallon carboys but cut it down for 1 gallon bottles.
I would not advise using WOOD. Get a degasser they come in all different price points. Using WOOD will attract mold and nasties which you can not get ride of without using chemicals that would leach into the wine during degassing.
You can use a "plastic" coat hanger if you need to go cheap. At least you can sanitize that.
Cover with your palm or use a cap and shake the hell out of it.
I also bought a degasser that was too big. It barely fits in my really old 1 gallon, but won’t fit in my new one. I use the handle of a really long handled spoon that came with a bar kit. It’s used to stir martinis. It’s stainless and the spoon part is to big to drop in by accident.