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Dec 8, 2009
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Getting ready to place an order. Though I am getting a late start, I'm going to fire up some Twisted Mist Mojito. I think I can get it ready JUST in time for our 4th of July week at the beach.

Also going to start another red, but because I'm doing two at the moment, I need to keep my costs down.

Any favorites out there on inexpensive reds in WE's lineup? Before you say Mezza Luna, I'll let you know I just bottled a batch of that. Seems like it might be really, really good, but I want to keep trying different things for now.

My wife and I love Zin. Have a RJS Gran Cru Int'l Zin aging in bottles. So, I've sorta got my eye on the Vintner's Reserve Zin/Cab blend, as well as the World Vineyards Zin/Shiraz.

But, I'd love some thoughts before I pull any triggers. I could be swayed toward something totally different.

I do need to keep it in the Vintner's Reserve / World Vineyards price range though.

Make what you LIKE.
Then do some experimenting
That's just it. This would be kit number 8, so I have gone through the no- brainers in my taste. I'm just being plain ol' indecisive. Think I might go with the Zin/Shiraz and see how that one turns out. What the heck.
If you like big reds like most who drink too much wine do, for my money it doesn't get much better then the Selection Original Luna Rossa, or Selection International Montepulciano. Either kit is $75 locally. That's pretty tough to beat for very very good wine.