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Using Clef du Vin from websight

sounds interesting.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Using Clef du Vin is incredibly simple and consists of 3 easy steps…

1. Pour yourself a glass of wine, taste and memorize.

2. Dip the patented metal alloy on the tip of Clef du Vin for one second, taste and compare results. Each second is equal to one year of aging.

3. Repeat step 2 until the wine reaches the phase that you enjoy the most.

The amazing Clef du Vin wine aging element is at work here. Clef du Vin replicates key elements of the wine aging process at an accelerated rate of one year per second. Dip the Clef du Vin into the wine glass at 1-2 second intervals. The wine's life will quickly mature along the natural aging curve towards total oxidation. Discover in seconds where your perfect taste is. Harsh, young vintages will become softer and more subtle. Effective only on wines with aging potential.

How does it work?
The secret to Clef du Vin is the patented metal alloy. This unique metal alloy gradually modifies the wine’s properties (ie. Taste, smell, and structure) by accelerating oxidation. Each second the alloy is dipped into wine is the equivalent of one year of aging. Note that Clef du Vin will not improve a wine with no aging potential. Clef du Vin is 100% safe.
If someone tries one and it actually works let us know. I feel skeptical. I dont doubt that it does something but comparing it to an actual aged bottle i think would be significantly different. I may be way wrong.
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im with you on this -iif it sounds to good to be true etc etc right? LOL

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