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Aug 30, 2009
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its me again, still on my very first batch and im 4 days into the primary fermenting, fermentation is slowing down, gonna rack it tomorrow, then put it into my secondary fermentor. but thats not the issue, the issue is my must is clear, like very clear. not clear enough you can see through it, but clear enough that i can see particles and bubles floating to the top in the middle of the must...

this is normal?
What kind of wine is this and whats the recipe so we can diagnose it but Ive seen this a few times with lighter wines.
its a rasberry wine, it is fairly light. recepy calls for 3lb raz. 3lb sugar. 1 galon of water.
my orange muscat dessert wine is very similar.. it's still fermenting and is clearing.

( I'm having trouble leaving it alone Wade.. for someone that dislikes sweet wines.. I'm absolutely in love with it.. and won't be adding the f pac when it finishes.)

Before you rack check the gravity. What was the starting and what is it now?
3# is not that much for 1 gallon
yeh, 3 lbs is pretty light, did you use pectic enzyme in this recipe and did you freeze the fruit? these things will help you extract flavor and color big time.