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Aug 31, 2009
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Hi All! My coffee wine is having trouble clarifying and also degassing. I'm pretty sure it is because of the temperature, things are warming up here and my little shed just isn't cool enough anymore. I was wondering if it would be worth putting into the chiller at work for a couple of days or maybe even into a chilli bin with iced water. Anyone done this?
Trying to go naturally, but am thinking about adding banana gravy
Hey WaWa, would you mind posting the recipe you used please?

Dirty Dog
I have heard of that before. I think wawa means boiling some banana and adding the "broth". I dont know how good that will help in clearing thou.
No! Banana Gravy is the BEST clarifyer, crystal clear in 3-4 days. it also adds body which is why I was avoiding using it in my coffee wine coz it has plenty of body already!!! It really does work a treat without adding any banana flavour at all. You take about a kilo of black but not rotten bananas and peel and chop into biggish pieces. cover with water and simmer for about 15 minutes, strain, and use the cooled liqour. This is enough for a 5gal batch. for a 1 gallon jar just use a couple of bananas.

PS dirty dog, recipe to follow
Here's the coffee wine recipe Dirty Dog:
boil together for half an hour: 1.5 tablespoons instant coffee, 1.1kg sugar, rind of 2 lemons (no pith), 3 litres water. Strain
cool to 20oc add nutrients, strained juice of 2 lemons,
test sg add sugar if needed
Sprinkle on yeast and stir
cover and leave to ferment 1 week.
rack into demijohn, top up, ferment out.
(1 Gallon).
Wow - I had no idea that bananas help with clearing! In looking back to my "high banana content" wines and it does seem that they clear faster than others. Who new? I have a lime wine going > 4 months now that is still pretty cloudy, so I might end up trying that.

I have used the cold stabilization method on small batches that I can fit in my fridge and it works well (> 24 hours).
Ok, You lern something new every day and thats # 2 for me today along with post fermentation maceration.

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