Chocolate Flavored wines?

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Oct 28, 2006
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Before I ever tried my hand at brewing I did some research and reading as to have some insight for when I started. Anyway, I vaguely remember coming across some kind of chocolate mead / wine recipe and did a search for it but turned up little relevant info.

Is it even possible to ferment chocolate into a wine or mead? If so does anyone have any good links or recipes for it?
I did a chocolate mead thats in the middle of aging right now. Tastes pretty good but in still needs time to sit. Just follow a basic mead recipe and added 20 oz of cocoa powder to it and also let it sit and age a couple months on some 82% dark chocolate. Will say this I tried to use fining agents and nothing would clear it bentonite, sparkolloid, super kleer ended up filtering it but it was slow and messy pads would plug up. If you dont mind i cloudy just let it sit a year in bulk and bottle it how ever it is.
If you're very very lucky you may be able to locate Spagnols Orange Chocolate Port kit. If not, tell your retailer to get you one from the next run. Reports from members of are extremely positive.


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