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Aug 18, 2009
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So you all have heard me complain about the Italian carboys(to big ,ribs collect lees bla bla bla). Here's my new system of carboy use
Primary to Italian. The carboy is big enough to get almost all the liquid and still have head room, From Italian to Mexican at which point we are heading to bulk ageing and there is almost no extra room so topping off is easy because of all the liquid you were able to put into secondary. Lemons to lemon wine
When I ran the Ferment on Premise, I used the Italian carboys for mist wines. Start with 23 litres in a primary. Transfer to a plastic carboy, then to the Italian carboy. Lots of room for the 1.5 litre flavour/swweetening pouch.

Mike, it took me a while to figure that out but I also do that sometimes. Never thought about going the opposite ways for those kits with f-packs. Its these little tricks that makes this forum so much fun to read daily.
the scary part is we spend a lot of brain power thinking of a better bottle.

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