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Sep 14, 2016
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Making the Sterling Cab. I added the water as per the instructions, I have one question though. There is a note that says that for Sterling wines, tank should now be filled to 24.5L. Does this mean that I add more water to fill it to 24.5L? Or is that just referencing what the level should be at? I added water to get it to 24.5L because that's how I read it, I just hope I did it right.
Does this kit have a grape pack?

Its a 6 gallon kit so you add the juice to the primary, then water to 23L then if there is a grape pack you add that on top and its the grape pack that will bring the volume up to ~24.5L as they are usually 1.5L in size.
Ok so with the grape juice, grape pack, and water it should be at 24.5L, thats good. I just wanted to make sure.

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