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Oct 15, 2009
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Can someone recommend a good Carmenere kit? My wife and I love the wine and want to try making some for ourselves.
I have not made these either. BUTT, I make 5 cases a year from fresh Chilean Juice.
Excellent choice! Great wine..
Hello and welcome to the forum,

Heron bay kits.. have a limited edition carmenere cab sav, I believe it is still available.. I made it earlier this year and it's currently cellaring.. was very pleased with the finish at bottling time.. haven't opened it yet.. was going to leave it at least a year.. however, reviews on the web were very favourable.

might be of interest to you anyway.

I'm currently making a Mosti Mondiale Meglioli Carmenere kit. I'm satisfied so far, but it's only been fermenting about 10 days.

Wine Making Warehouse,, has them on sale for $149.47, normally retail for $229.95. If you're willing to spend this much, MMM are IMO one of the best, but most expensive, kits on the market.

Hope this helps.

Those kits are the best in my opinion also but to pricey for me. I tried a bottle of the Barolo after 2 years and man oh man was it the bomb!!!!!! Thps of this years come with grape packs also now and that can only make it better IMO!
Thank you everyone..As long as two of you brought it up, where do I get juice to make wine, and how is this different from the "kits"
I have a supplier about 45 minutes from me where I can get 6 gal pails of CA, Italian in the fall and Chilean juice in April. You will have to look areund where you live as if just 1 pail will be $$$ to ship
Any place near you will have or will tell you where you can get these juices but you might be too late to get this now but the Chilean juices arent far away now. As far as being different you will want to have sulfites and yeast on hand to innoculate the must. Nothing is included but they are typically balanced as these kind of grape wines usually are.
I only know the Chilean juices have the Carmenere juice. I have 12 gallons aging from the spring as we speak.