Heron Bay Carménère and Cabernet Sauvignon

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St Allie

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Mar 6, 2009
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I have this kit on hold.. picking it up later in the week. it's a limited edition apparently, has anyone done this?.. Any tips or tricks for me to add to it?

quite excited really.. they only imported one of these kits.


I have made some WE L/E. The biggest problem is ... If you like it you may not be able to get it. That being said WE uses the LE to add to their line if it becomes popular.
Only this, make sure you follow the directions. That should be a very tasty wine.

We all love you, but you gotta help us by telling us what brand of kit you're talking about. In this case it's a Heron Bay 2008 Holiday Series Blue Label Carménère-Cabernet Sauvignon – Maipo Valley, Chile. It's an 8 litre 4 week kit.


Sorry I'm not much help with HB kits. My normal approach to any kit is to extend the time frame. In this case maybe 10-12 weeks to bottling, and patience to drinking (8 week minimum). I don't like to mess with Limited Editions because they are usually very good, but I don't have experience with the Heron Bay Blue Levels.

BTW, most limited editions kits that we talk about are 16-litre, 6 week kits.

But... but.... but.... Steve ...

I listed it under Heron Bay!


( I consider my hand duly smacked..:))

But... but.... but.... Steve ...

I listed it under Heron Bay!


Good point. Sorry, I don't view the messages by sub-forum. I view by "New Posts". I'm not used to checking the sub forum to see what brand something is.

Forgot to update this thread..

I have this wine bulk stored at the moment, it's a very soft red..think more pinot noir and plenty of flavour to it, it's velvety.. There is a marked difference in the quality of this kit compared with the cellarcraft 8 litre kits ( merlot and the pinot noir).

for the extra $30 a kit.. I would prefer to buy another one of this companies limited edition kits.

BTW this kit is still available at present if anyone else wants to try it.


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