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Nov 26, 2008
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So I have 3 carboys of cabernet sauvignon.
I would like to age the wine in them for a few months before I free more bottles.

It has been racked twice and will clear soon.
After clearing I was thinking to add the campden too so the wine will preserve in case I leave it in for 3 months before I bottle it.

Should I just wait untill bottling or add after clarification process?

If you had not added any sulfite between racking then you should add it now. The general rule of thumb is to add every other time the wine is racked.
oh, I was not aware that you should add it every time you rack.
Thanks a lot.
Aahh...thanks for drawing my attention.
I went thorough the post too fast.

It may be in another post, but please share the source of this cab sav. Grapes? Juice? Kit?

Has any K-meta, campden, metabisulphite already been added?

I bought it from an italian market that imports it from California in 23l buckets.
It is pure juice cabernet sauvignon from Lodi Gold (grapesofgold although not a good website)
Natural yeast was present in the juice and I only added some oak shavings.
After secondary fermentation I racked it and topped it up.
Now I was waiting for it to settle down more rack it again and use kielselsol and chitosan to clarify it.
After the clarifying I am planning to rack it again and use the meta to preserve it and keep it in the carboy for probably 6 months or when I will have enough empty bottles.
The good part is that I found to buy some seceondhand bottles (132 pcs for 15$) which I have to pick-up and therefore I might not need to age the wine in the carboys anymore.
I understood however that it ages better in the carboys.
So I am still torn between keeping it in the carboys and put it in bottles.
What would be your suggestions in regard to what I should do next?
When I bought the juice and brought it home stirred it with the spoon and from the bottom of the pale came a shinny funny looking residue.
I took a picture of it and sent an email to deltapacking (which is the company that is processing the juice) but never got a response for the strange deposit.
I still have the pictures if you guys want to see them...not sure if I can post them here.
My juice after stirring had the color of a metallic burgundy paint, or metallic nail polish if that is closer.
The sediment drops fairly quick at the bottom also.
Went and asked the importer and he said it is safe to drink it is just a little too much residue.
The wine tastes dry and is very dark sign of it not being ok.
I did had indeed lots of sediment though.

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