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If you are going to back sweeten then absolutely add potassium metabisulfite along with the sorbate, then let it age for a few months.

Even if you are not back sweetening you will need to add potassium metabisulfite. Since we now know campden tablets can be either sodium or potassium I would avoid campden unless you know the kind. My LHBS’s might not even carry tablets anymore, I see nothing but powder on their shelves.
I add 1 crushed campden (potassium metabisulphite, or Kmeta) tablet per gallon at every racking and then at bottling time. (Or follow the recommended dosage amount on the package.)

If you plan to backsweeten, you also need to add 1 dose of potassium sorbate before backsweetening.

The Kmeta protects against oxidation and will also kill off any remaining yeast.

The potassium sorbate is birth control for yeast - it will keep it from reproducing, so in conjunction with the Kmeta from the campden tablet, it will stop any remaining yeast from restarting the fermentation process after you have backsweetened.

If you do not backsweeten, the sorbate isn't necessary.

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