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Jan 2, 2009
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i was wondering if anyone can help me with making my first wine kit ever, i have followd the direction waited my time i was getting ready to bottle my wine today. i took some wine out with my theif but it in a glass and check to make sure it was clear and it was. so after a month or so i am going to try my wine that i made and to be honesti am a liitle dissappointed because it taste a little carbonated and i dont no why. can anyone tell me why and what i should do next? do i just continue to bottle? to i add a chemical that take the carbonation out? or just leave it in the carboy for a little longer.

the kit was from winexpert vinter's reserve cabernet sauvignon the flavor was not bad just a little carbonated with no legs. please help :confused:
De-gassing a wine is the hardest part of making a wine kit. I think everybody that has made a kit has had a problem with it too until they got the hang of it, or switched to vacuum de-gassing. Or just leave it in the carboy alot longer and let nature and time de-gas the wine for you.
Definitely NOT a lost cause. There is no chemical way to get the CO2 out, just physical methods.

Make sure the wine is 72-75F (cooler makes degassing more difficult). If there is sediment, rack off the sediment to a clean/sanitized pail. Stir well. Try not to get too much of a vortex going, so stir, pause, stir again. reverse occasionally. Sample (ain't this fun). When the CO2 is 'gone', bottle. Do all this in a couple of hours or less. Stirring in the pail (larger surface area) should cause CO2 to come out faster.

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