Campden vs Pectic Enzyme(?)

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Oct 25, 2009
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When starting a wine batch I typically will add crushed C-tabs (1/gallon) then wait about 12 hrs before adding pectic enzyme -- that's just one of those ground rules I learned years ago. However, I do quite often see recipes that call for adding everything but the yeast right away, so that raises the question:

Is there really a need to wait between adding C-tabs and PE?
No. The only concern with pectic enzyme is that it doesn't work during an active ferment. So don't add it with the yeast. Sulfite is no problem, though.
Mud's right!
Sometimes I do pectic for 24-36 hrs.
I can not find it but I thought Luc did an experiment where there was a delay in the effects of pectic enzyme added when k-meta was still potent.

Remember that even though your yeast is starting, pectic enzymes are still working as your yeast is just starting to take off.

I now add k-meta, wait 12-24 hours, add pectic enzyme, wait 12-24 hours then add yeast.

Fruit that was frozen and added this manner just falls apart quickly in the primary. Maybe Luc will stop in and clear this up.