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Dec 16, 2008
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Main problem- put one campden tablet (undissolved) in a 5-6 gallon carboy with chardonnay blend. Each had had already fermented, been racked (sulfured at the time) and sat for two- three weeks.

My friend and I bottled half of our 6 gallon carboys of chardonnay (Early to sit; for gifts) and blended the remaining of each. We each used a different yeast and they both were great, clear, fruity bottling and surprisingly very tasty! After blending we didn't think we needed more sulphur but we had one campden tablet and threw it in.

Anyhow, there is a ring around the rim of little white specks. Doesn't look like it's a microorganism or growing, it looks like campden tablet specks. However, it's not going away after 1 week and I am getting nervous. Any thoughts besides asking me why we threw it in in the first place? hahaha. Thanks!!!
Those have to be crushed up and pulverized. The main problem with campden tablets is that they are held together with fillers that dont break down very easily. This is what is floating around and stuck to your carboy. You will need to either filter or somehow stir it into your wine well to dissolve it. Why didnt you crush these pils?
If you don't have one I would recommend you buy a mortar and pestal. Mine is made out of ceramic and works well to really crush the campden.

Other things you may or may not add to your wine that actually need a slurry first or they will end up being a mudball and not mixing well is bentonite and tannin.
or you could get some potassium metabisulphite powder (aka K-Meta).

I hate to admit my mistakes but years ago when I first started making wine I was sold the powder. I added too much and never did get that wine to ferment. Especially for a new wine maker I suggest the campden tablets, one to a gallon. Then after fermentation 1 to a gallon every other racking or 1/2 to a gallon every racking. Back then it didn't take me long to figure out I could count to 5 but I picked up a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon. Oops!

However, you are right the powder does save time.
Just to clarify the previuos post, dont add sulfite(campden) after evry rack, only after every rack after your wine is done fermenting.
Just to clarify the previuos post, dont add sulfite(campden) after evry rack, only after every rack after your wine is done fermenting.

Oops! I just assumed they would know that. Thanks for pointing it out. Sometimes I forget that a new wine maker would not know that.
Ive seen new winemakers add this and then be mad and say you told me too. Just backing you up buddy! :)

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