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Jack of all trades
Apr 20, 2010
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When we bought our winemaking equipment kit the store owner included several little packets of C-Brite with it. He told us that we just needed to use the C-Brite to cleanse and sanitize everything and then use the C-Brite solution to rinse our bottles prior to bottling. Now I am reading a lot here that C-Brite is just a cleanser and not a sanitizer at all. We just rinsed all our bottles with it and have them on the tree drying. Would we be making a mistake by bottling our first batch of wine after rinsing with the C-Brite solution and nothing else? Also, if that is the case and we need to wait to get some k-meta to sanitize, will our wine that has already cleared and stabilized be ok for another week until we can bottle with k-meta sanitized bottles?

Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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It used to be listed as a sanitizer but then Federal laws changed requiring each company to spend 100's of thousands of dollars to get documented an d into writing what everyone already knew and this company just never spent the money. Im not exactly crazy about using it as a sanitizer as it leaves residue that I dont want in my wine, I use the k-meta solution for this as I want that in my wine anyway to protect my wine. Many have used this product for exactly what you are doing and many still do so you are fine.