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Oct 27, 2006
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My first wine.

I added the stabilizers and sorbate, etc...back in mid january. About 8 days later, I racked to a second carboy for polishing. So the wine (selection series merlot) has been sitting in the polishing carboy for about 5 weeks. I may not get to bottle this for a few more weeks because of time constraints, kids, etc...and I am under the impression that it will only help the wine to age more in the secondary like this.

Am I correct? Or should I be rushing to bottle this as soon as I can?

It seems that whatever aging would go on in the bottle is happening all the same in the carboy?

any input, ideas, thoughts, comments are appreciated :)
Opinions differ here.

Aging in a carboy is more stable. The mass of the wine is greater so temperature fluctuations will be more gentle. The mass will also have a postive impact on the wine as a whole. But one infection and the whole batch is gone.

Aging in a bottle is more under influence of temperature fluctuations as the mass is smaller. But the wine is more safe from infections.

Also general opinion is that the wine may age quicker in a bottle as in a carboy. But opinions differ on this one.

All in all I think if you let it sit for a while it would not hurt the wine.

There is more damage in hurrying as in patience.

Sounds reasonable to me! I was very sanitary, so I am not worried about infection (famous last words). I do want to get it in the bottle, but as I said, too much going on, etc...

So, a few more weeks (or maybe sooner), i'll bottle it. Thanks :)
If the wine is not sitting on any lees, you will be fine. I rarely get around to bottling any of my wines until they are at least 6 months old.

Smurfe :)

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