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Casey Hughes

Jul 3, 2019
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Bottling Line for sale-

CFT “Master Tronic RS 12/12/3” (built in 2013)

-12 rinsing heads, 12 filling heads, 3 capping heads. Built on a 24/24/6 frame so is expandable to double fill speed.

-Change over parts for 12 oz and 750ml bottles.

-Low 02 pickup. Main turret just rebuilt by CFT. Lots of spare parts. Machine runs great.

CFT “Progress” Cold Glue Labeler

-Change parts for 12 oz and 750 ml bottles.

Ska Fabrication “Snodgrass Glass Depaletizer”

-Set up for half pallets for ease of use. Can run all bottle size with minimal change over time.

-10’ accumulation table from Depal to Filler infeed conveyor. Holds 2 full layers of 12oz. glass.

Combi Box Erector

-Nordson hot melt applicator, easy change over for box size.

Litchfield Machinery 6 pack erector

-Does 4 and 6 packs. Custom stand to connect to box erector for easy of packing.

3M Taping machine with box counter

Assorted conveyor to connect all machines

Price $250,000

Pictures and video available. Located in Florida.

Contact Casey@coppertailbrewing.com

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