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Nov 6, 2006
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OK here I sit drinking a Blueberry Pinot Noir from our "leader".
A very light tasting wine compared to a straight Pinot Noir. The problem I see is I can FINISH this bottle real fast :b.LOL !
Wade any Idea what the ratio is? I "assume" you added steam juice?
Have any of you blended wines yet. If so what is your blend and ratio...
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tsk tsk tsk Tom,

Drinking this early in the morning.. it's not even 11am yet

Allie :d

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Tis almost 7PM Wednesday here in NJ
I guess U are tomorrows (Thurs) time?
So let us know who won the baseball games OK. Then I can bet on them if you are already reading todays news.. LOL :f
That was a mix of MM all juice Pinot Noir and what was left over from the blueberries from making my Blueberry Melomel.
It was a 6 gallon batch of pinot and had about 5 lbs of berries left over, I do not own a steamer nor do i see mye=self getting 1 anytime soon.

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