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Sep 20, 2012
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I have about 25-30 lbs of blackberries I have been saving up to make a wine with. Does anyone have a recipe that they would recommend? Hoping to get about 5 gallons out of the blackberries. Thanks.
I am wondering how much water to add to this. I plan to go with a basic recipe. Also what yeast would work best?
I would use as little as posible, make sure you have some calcium carbonate on hand and dial in the acid levels.
I would probably use 71B-1122 yeast its supposed to reduce malic(I think) around 20 to 40%. I would try and adjust before ferment. I don't like adding cal-carb. as too much can impart a off flavor. After ferm., there is potassium bicarbonate. It will depend on the acid level of the BB.

I followed a recipe as I always had done and one season the berries I had were crazy acidic after I had finished. That's actually what got me to start making posts 2 years ago.
Especially pay attention to post #19 by Turock, I'm having to use Potassium BiCarbonate on a wine right now. There's a certian amount you can use before you go overboard and I can't find where I read about this, but I remember it wasn't much.
Thanks for all the info. Will b. Starting my batch soon.

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