Big Horn Sheep

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Dec 29, 2009
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I have scanned our mountains for years, and never saw one! Yesterday, while sitting in the stands watching the pro's putt the 17th green, 7 Big Horns zig zagged up the mountain, stopped and watched us watch them, and it was amazing!! How they can prance on 2" ledges blows my mind. And I can understand why I never saw one. They match the color of the mountain, and if they aren't moving you can't see them. The leader, a huge ram, took off, and they all followed.. like sheep! LOL!

They distracted all of us from golf for a good half hour! Seeing wild life in their habitat is very cool!!
I can sure relate to that Suzi. Obviously I live amongst an abundance of wildlife. We have Dall Sheep here, they look like your bighorns but are pure white.

I heard that a Mountain goat can place all 4 of its hooves on a single dime. That is quite amazing!!!!!