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Nov 5, 2006
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I'm looking to make a big cab, very full body. I have yet to make any cabs at all. I would like to here some recommendations from people who have some experience with cabs before I order any kits. Thanks, Dizzy
I think I just made a reply to you over on the FVW forum. If that wasn't you there all I can offer is that any of the high end (Wine Expert Selection, Estate, International) Cab kits are nice. I have made 4 different Cab's from these different series, all very nice. I have also made a WE Vintners Reserve. I would stay away from it. Nice wine but on the thin side and you don't get the Cab experience.

If you want really big big red wine, look toward the Crushendo's or any of the Grape pack kits. The Mosti kits George just started carrying look very promising as well. They are all juice meaning more solids meaning more body. Will take longer to age though. Some are grape pack, come are not, but are 100% juice.

Smurfe :)

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