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Oct 24, 2016
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Doing our first attempt at apple wine ever with 2 large boxes of apples we got from a local grower. Unfortunately we waited a little longer than wanted to start juicing the apples. We don't have a press so I used my masticating juicer which normally is pulp free but the apples are super soft. Long story short, will we be fine fermenting the wine in a bag since removing all the pulp is almost impossible at this point in time?

Need a recommendation on the best way to get this started.
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Jun 15, 2010
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central Nebraska
If I was trying this, think first thing would be decide how much I want to make. For apple I use all juice so I would probably go to the store and buy some more juice to come out to the amount I want. In other words, I would not add water to the apples. Now, throw the apples in the bag, put in fermenter. Put the juice in along with the apples. Hit it with a shot of k-meta. Wait 12 hours or so and give it pectic enzime according to the directions on the container. Wait another 12 hours or so, check the specific gravity, add some sugar to bring the s.g. up to the amount of alcohol you want in your wine. Taste the must, if it needs it add some acid blend. You can check the ph and acid if you have the tools. Probably would put in some benttinite. Pitch the yeast, when it gets going good add half the nutrient you are going to use. I probably would put a little tannin in with it. When you ferment about a third of the sugar out, hit it with the rest of the nutrient. Stir it every day, maybe even twice. When it gets down to 1.010 or so, stick it in a carboy with airlock If you like, now is a good time to add some cinnamon, cloves, or anything else you might like to give it a little different flavor. Go easy on the cloves, they can be a bit strong. Let it sit, when it gets done fermenting get it to clear, stabalize and sweeten if you like. Bottle and enjoy. If I left anything out, feel free to add to this. Good luck with it, Arne.