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Feb 21, 2010
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I started my first batch of wine. I used a three gallon better bottle but only filled half way up during the secondary fermentation. The balloon was nice and full for about two weeks into fermentation. Now it has sucked into the bottle and expanded to fill nearly all the empty space inside the bottle. I know now I should have used a more appropriate size fermentation vessel but what is happening in the bottle?
I'm thinking its that fermentation is over and the Air pressure (barometer) where you live has dropped. Like you said U need to get a airlock.
What are you making and give all stats and what you did so far. Whats the gravity now?
well I started with grapefruit juice and shaved grapefruit rines. The primary fermentation went fine and after one week I moved it to the secondary. I'm not sure what the specific gravity. I haven't opened the bottle to check. will air pressure cause suction?
Yes and temp
I hope you have a hydrometer. Check the gravity.

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