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May 18, 2020
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Hi I am very new to viticulture. I am in TX and I just received 16 temparanillo vines. After a heavy rain I seem to have several issues.
Can you please help me identify whats wrong with my new vines and what treatments can I use?


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Looks like powdery mildew, if you aren’t using fungicides you need to start. Pull off infected leaves and spray. I use sulfur, captan and Mancozeb. I didn’t take spraying seriously until last year and lost a few plants and cordons. You really need to spray regularly
NIM oil? I haven’t heard of it. I used JMS Stylet oil and have used Neem oil. Is NIM an acronym or a brand name? I’m curious and would like to check it out.
As to fvelosa’s issue that is almost surely powdery mildew. Those vines need some fast action to control it. Since they appear to be in containers, I would suggest IMMUNOX to reduce the stress. Get a fan going if they’re in a greenhouse, they need air movement and less humidity. Pull the leaves with heavy infection and throw them in the trash can. Powdery mildew is nearly impossible to kill but can be controlled to help stop the spread. Also looks like you have multiple shoots from one node. Snap off the weaker ones and keep the best. Good luck!
Sorry, bad spelling. I checked the bottle. It is neem not nim. I used it last week on tomatoes that had powdery-mildew worked great.3029E9C5-ABAD-4F24-93C4-CCC71BCBB333.jpeg3029E9C5-ABAD-4F24-93C4-CCC71BCBB333.jpeg