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  1. S

    Help with identification of 100 year old grape vine and a problem that has developed in the last two years

    Hi, I was wondering if any one out there can help with the identification of a 100 year old grape vine. To get a sense of the size of it i have attached some photos showing it in the conservatory of our house in the U.K. and a leaf for identification. The grape vine was planted by my wife's...
  2. glypo

    Gewurztraminer (V.Small Scale) - Problems (Mildew?)

    Hello all, I'm new here. I joined so that I could read through old posts to help identify an issue I'm having. I live in the south of England (Surrey) and for three years I have been growing Gewürztraminer - in pots - on a very small scale indeed. I have just four vines. I am in my early...
  3. F

    Baby Vines - Fungus Help!

    Hi I am very new to viticulture. I am in TX and I just received 16 temparanillo vines. After a heavy rain I seem to have several issues. Can you please help me identify whats wrong with my new vines and what treatments can I use?
  4. Dave Weid

    Help! Leaves Wilting

    Help! My five-year-old Perlette grape vine's leaves are wilting. They began budding a month ago and everything appeared to be going well, when one branch's leaves showed wilting. Now the problem has spread to a nearby branch. Any ideas what could be wrong? Dave - in Sonoma County, CA